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About me

I am a freelance journalist and editor based in Stuttgart, Germany. I am a regular contributor to newspapers, online media and magazines as well as specialized newsletters, among them Tagesspiegel, t-online, Stuttgarter Zeitung and Focus Online. I routinely collaborate with agencies in the creative industry, with research institutions such as Fraunhofer Society, with Baden-Württemberg’s State Agency for Civic Education, with NGOs and start-up companies in various branches.

In my journalistic work I have covered current events in Germany as well as politics on the state and municipal level. I attempt to explore the effects of European, national and state legislation on cities, towns and counties and on their respective administrations across Germany. In the last several years the emphasis of my work has increasingly shifted towards the topic of Smart Cities, meaning the steady effort to use digitalization in order to improve public administration, its services and the general quality of living in cities.